Medical Profile - profil refui

At the end of your tzav rishon you will receive a medical profile. If you did not receive it then request to find out, it is not a secret, it is your right to know. If needed you are allowed to protest your score on the spot or until the end of your service. It is preferable to take care of it as early as possible. Your medical profile will determine which units you are eligible. If you raise your profile after you have already been placed in a unit it is very difficult to switch units even though you have a new profile.

The following is a list of the medical profiles and different conditions that will lower your profile:

97 – The top score! Even though you get a 97 there still could be a slight mention of a condition that will not lower your profile but disqualify you from serving in the elite forces. For example if you wear glasses. With a 97 you can serve in any unit.

82 – Small medical issues for example color blind or glasses with a number higher than – 1.75 but lower than a -6. With an 82 you can serve in any unit.

77 – NEW! This contains problems such as excessive sweat, allergies sneezing. This profile was created to enable more soldiers to serve in field intelligence which is a 04 rifleman. A 77 profile will also allow you to serve in Artillery (tothanim) and Tanks (Shiryon).

72 – A 72 profile is a combat profile. Some common medical issues that lower you to a 72 are problems with the back or knees. If your eyesight is higher than -6 but lower than – 8 you will also receive a 72. With a 72 the only infantry unit you can serve in is the karkal unit. In addition you can serve in artillery or tanks.

64 – Asthma, overweight or too tall. A 64 profile and under is a non-combat profile.

45 – Serious problems you will receive a job that does not have any stress.

35 – Diabetes, epilepsy, deaf

31 – The lowest profile that is still fit to serve

24 – Temporarily unfit to serve. For example if you just went through surgery and have not yet recovered. But still not exempt from the IDF.

21 – Exempt from the army however you can still volunteer if desired.

The following is a list of different cases that we have seen and their profiles:

Allergic to bees – A letter from a doctor was provided stating that it is not life threatening. And the individual received a 97.

Riddlin/Prozac – if taken daily i.e. dependent 64. If one can perform without than it is possible to get a 97.

One testicle – 64

Left eye -6 Right eye - 8 = 97. The rule is the profile is determined by the good eye unless the bad eye is higher than -8 or a stigmatism higher than 4.5.

Allergic to wheat or milk products – 64

Epilepsy – if you can provide a letter from a doctor that 5 years have passed without an episode then you will receive a 82

Dislocated shoulder – 72

Weigh under 51 kilo – 82

Anxiety – 64

If you recently performed corrective eye surgery you need to wait 3 months before you can raise your profile.

*Profiles can change depending on new rules and cases. The IDF has the sole authority to determine profiles. We try to provide the most accurate info possible. All of the information provided is believed to be accurate and reliable, however, Garin Mahal assumes no responsibility for any errors.