Miscellaneous Benifits

Living Expenses 

A lone soldier home on sick leave for three days or more is entitled to get living expenses for these days, beginning from the first day. Lone soldiers should get in touch with their Mashakit Tash (Support Service Non Commissioned Officer) in order to receive this benefit and discuss details.

Holiday Coupons (in conjunction with the Soldier's Welfare Association)

Lone soldiers are entitled to receive two holiday coupons of 200 NIS per year, one before Rosh Hashanaand the other before Passover. These gifts can be redeemed at around 50 different chains around Israel, and they can be used to purchase a variety of products like food, clothing, housing utensils, etc.\

Additionally, every Chanukah, lone soldiers receive 1,000 NIS to H&O (a clothing store) and all other operational statuses receive 400 NIS.