Katzin Miun/Manila

During your time at michve Alon you will be given what is called manilla this is a questionnaire where you would like to serve. It is called a manilla on account of the Israelis who receive it in the mail in a manila envelope. The questions differ from year to year. But usually ask you to pick your top two choices from infantry followed by another choice from an alternative group such as tanks, artillery or Combat Engineer.

Upon completion of mechve alon you will be taken to the bakoom where you will meet a Katzin Miun (Selection Officer) He will tell you where you are going to serve. This is equivalent of going before a judge. However you can protest if you are not given the unit that you desire. Many have tried different tactics from pleading for mercy to throwing over tables. Some have been successful and some not. They can always tell you or serve where we put you or jail!

Remember why you are coming to serve in the IDF – Every position is honorable the purpose is to help the security of Israel.