What to bring


Durable watch – (We recommend G Shock – especially for your IDF service)

Workout pants

Running shoes/high quality - very important!!

Shorts (to work out in)

T shirts (to work out in) including at least one plain white one.

Sandals/thongs (to wear in the shower)

Sleeping bag

Sweatshirt/pants/light jacket (Jerusalem gets cold at night)

Tooth brush, towel etc.

Comfortable athletic hiking shoes – (preferred but not mandatory)

Hat to protect you from the sun (baseball or other)

Double sided mouth guard

Protective cup and supporter

14 oz Boxing gloves – (can be simple gloves nothing fancy)

Back pack – (30 – 40 Liters is sufficient)

Army canteen*

*VERT IMORTANT – and mandatory to start the program!

One plastic army canteen (1 quart) – Here is the link to order the canteen to your house. This is the only canteen allowed on the program - DO NOT order any other type – only the one shown in the links. Choose green, if not available then brown or tan. Below are two places where you can order the canteen. However you can buy the canteen from any place that sells it.