Review of the series & quot; Doctor Mafia & quot; (The Mob doctor)

For the majority of physicians, the Hippocratic Oath is sacred and unbreakable. But for a Chicago doctor who has special accounts with the mafia, saving life is not the only concern. The series Doctor of the Mafia (The Mob doctor) is a fast-growing medical drama, with each series gaining an increasing audience.

The series tells the story of a woman surgeon who is stuck between two worlds - between her career as a surgeon in a clinic and the family debt of the Chicago mafia. Dr. Grace Devlin (Jordana Shapiro) is a leading specialist at the Roosevelt Medical Center in Chicago. Confident professional, she claims to be the most promising surgeon in the country.

But her family ties hold her off the south coast of Chicago. In order to pay off her brother's gambling debts, Dr. Grace makes a deal with the mafia and agrees to work with them. In the hospital where Dr. Grace works, one constantly faces emotionally charged medical cases.

The series tells the viewer about a young woman who needs a heart transplant, a ravaged family injured by a driver - the culprit of the accident who escaped from the scene, about a large number of victims, as a result of an accident on the railway tracks.

But at the same time as performing his daily professional duties, Dr. Grace must coexist with his other world. The world in which the mafia demands to treat the criminal who is hiding from justice, to carry out operations in illegal sheltered premises where the mafia is hiding, or to urgently treat the “call girl”.

Dr. Grace is obliged to keep silent about her collaboration with the Mafia. Secretly from her friend — the employee and nurse of Dew, from her boyfriend, from her boss, employee, and even her brother and mother, with whom she is not on very good terms.
Meanwhile, the prison killer Konstantin, who is trying to regain his leading position in the Chicago mafia with the help of his minions, as well as his former boyfriend Grace Franco, is leaving prison.

Trying to simultaneously be present in the two worlds, Dr. Grace is trying to improve relations with his not very happy family. She cannot pacify in herself the unacceptability of immorality that is taking place, but somehow all this should work, at least for now.

Gripping, holding in suspense of the viewer the plot will not leave anyone indifferent.