About the film “Dawn Towards”

The book "Dawn Towards" was written for children of middle and older age, but the circle of its readers and admirers has long gone beyond these limits. Our film is also addressed to both young and adult viewers.

Among the heroes of the work, we consider children as equally important - Tim Sapozhkova and Nina Savich (they occupy a considerable place in the picture, much is shown by their eyes) - and a group of revolutionaries, who with a hot heart, inextinguishable faith, went to meet each other.

I invited Y. Yakovlev, the actor who created the heartfelt image of Prince Myshkin in the film “Idiot”, to play the role of Pyotr Sapozhkov. I think that was not mistaken in the choice. The artist with genuine inspiration revealed the most important thing in this role, in which the kindness and gentleness of the Russian intellectual are combined with the integrity and steadfastness of the revolutionary Bolshevik.

The role of his wife Varvara Nikolaevna is performed by Tatyana Konyukhova, a well-known audience. It seems to me that she faithfully draws her heroine, showing her devotion to family and passion for party work.

Sofya Alexandrovna Savich is played by Irina Skobtseva. The talented actress seriously and thoughtfully worked on the difficult manner of the revolutionary.

In the role of Timy two boys were shot. In the first shots, viewers will see Pavlik Boriskin familiar to them from the painting “The Fate of a Man”. Tim is getting older, and his role is transferred to the Moscow schoolboy, the eight-year-old Volodya Mazaev.

When creating films about children, I had to work a lot with them, because the guys were the main performers of the roles of their peers. Among them was the heroine of "Foundling", four-year-old Veronika Lebedeva, and the performer of the title role in the film "Gavrosh" - Kolya Smorchkov, and schoolboy Alyosha Kuznetsov from "The Certificate of Maturity", and the children from the film "They Met on the Road." Every time working with the guys was not easy. But this time, the boy faced particularly difficult tasks. His hero, Tim, is not only a witness, “he is also a participant in many difficult life conflicts: he is confronted with the arbitrariness and provocation of the tsarist police, is long apart from his beloved parents, lives with strangers, ends up in an orphanage. And only when “the real revolution promised by papa and mama” comes on, Tim again finds a family.

The daughter of Sofia Savich, Nina, is played by schoolgirl Marina Steinbrecht. The image of her father, the Menshevik Savich, is created by the artist E. Samoilov. Captain Gracianov's headquarters is played by A. Tutyshkin, Davison's American - artist A. Gheorghiu.

The main cameraman of the film is S. Sheinin, in collaboration with whom we shot more than one picture.

... Like a sea surf, the town square is full of people. Bonfires and torches are burning.

People attentively listen to the words of Lenin's decree on the world, which Varvara Nikolaevna reads from the balcony. Agitated people shout, wave their hats, their hands. The Internationale spontaneously arises.

The song rushes over the crowd, over the snow-covered city farther and farther ...

In this solemn moment we part with our heroes. But we want to prolong their life on the screen, as V. Kozhevnikov extended it in the second book “Dawn to Meet”, devoted to the years of the formation of Soviet power. Play for free all Netent slots and explore the hidden data and testers review.