How do people run away from problems?

So. The topic is very relevant and much closer and more painful for the general mass of women.
Look at the comments of social networks. Who is the bulk of splashing bile and discontent? Correctly & quot; happy wives and mommies & quot ;. A woman in crisis (no matter what) becomes aggressive, and most likely does not realize at all, she just wants to feverishly share her pain, only few people dare admit it!
Women run from problems! We do not want to accept the fact that we are really not satisfied with the state of things and try to "crush" all & quot; positive attitude & quot; and & quot; faith in the best & quot; when you need to take a sober look at the & quot; ass & quot; in my eyes and look back in the swamp everything is mired! Positive thinking works unconditionally for men, but for women such methods are very harmful. You need to accept your fear, not deny it. This will help to cope with the cause of his appearance.
There is another escape from the problem - depression and apathy! Eating sweets, watching TV shows, alcohol. Nobody says that you need to become an iron lady, but also & quot; pretend to be dead & quot; also not an option.
Absolutely all in our hands. There is no problem. There is only a reaction and attitude to it! No need to hide, clamp and wait until everything goes by itself! It is necessary to learn to accept the circumstances as they are, because only this way you can continue to live, and not exist!
When you are not satisfied with your appearance, you do not draw lips or eyebrows on the mirror with a marker, or draw a fringe. All the changes you make on yourself.
If you don’t like the figure, go to the hall and plow there.
If you do not like the state of the skin, review the food.
The solution to all problems start with yourself. There is no thought to crush on the coach, that he did not make a cool figure. That you did not reach the hall and ate another loaf! Responsibility lies only on you!
The same is true for the rest ...
& quot; Interestingly, everyone writes about how a woman can become better, more appeasable and more feminine! Why do peasants do not write such books!? & Quot; .....
You know, not even wondering why. You just take and do better for you, thereby changing the attitude of others to yourself ..
Have you noticed how the same man behaves differently with different women? Not really in the interval between them, he read an article about masculinity and gallantry? By no means! A woman sets boundaries, she announces the rules of the game ...
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