What are magnetophors for?

The author of the invention, Leningrad physicist Alexander Fefer proposed an original solution. His idea was to use the magnetic field of not one, but tens, hundreds of magnets interacting with each other. The idea is simply embodied. A metal or metal-ceramic powder capable of magnetization is mixed with another component — a binder — resin, rubber, cement, gypsum. The product is given the desired shape and size, and then magnetized using a special inductor, a magnetograph. At the same time, the filler particles turn into independent magnets. Interacting with each other, the particles create a complex, non-uniform magnetic field with high biological activity. By changing the structure of the magnetizing field, one can also obtain various fields recorded on the tape recorder. And changing the binders, you can make a variety of magnetophors - solid tubes, elastic bandages, light clothing, ointments and much more. What are they needed for?

Before the scientists who recently gathered at the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, lay a voluminous folder of documents: official acts, reports, reviews, conclusions. All these are the results of observations, examinations and treatment carried out in clinics using magnetophors. Such tests were carried out in Moscow and Leningrad, Kiev and Ulan-Ude, Sochi, Kislovodsk, Riga and many other cities. And the results, as evidenced by doctors, are encouraging.

So, specialists of the clinic of thermal lesions of the Moscow N. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care report that magnetophoric bandages are successfully used to treat burns that take up to one-fifth of the body surface. The duration of treatment is reduced compared with the usual. Effective magnetophors in the treatment of radiculitis and acute thrombophlebitis, gastrointestinal, gynecological, nervous diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They reduce blood pressure in hypertension, pain in angina, help in the treatment of coronary heart disease. The antimicrobial properties of magnetophores are successfully used. As noted, the magnetic field helps faster than under normal conditions, to grow together broken bones, restore normal blood circulation.

All that has been said above is the results of rather long (4 years) and wide (more than 3000) observations. They allowed to accumulate a certain experience in the use of magnetophors for therapeutic purposes. Of course, there are still a lot of unclear and not fully resolved issues: the theoretical rationale for the method, the dosage of the magnetic field, the indications of its use in various diseases and different stages of diseases ... The Scientific Council found it necessary to deepen and expand the research. The magnetic field should serve the health of people.

And not only health. Here, in a publication on the news of medicine, it can be briefly added that the “specialties” of magnetophors are not at all limited to medicine. Experimental studies have shown that magnetophors can be successfully applied to intensify microbiological synthesis processes (an increase in the yield of citric acid is achieved), increase crop yields, increase concrete strength and reduce cement consumption, improve print quality, reduce dye consumption in yarn production, etc. new branch of technology - magnetophoric engineering. Our experienced team always provides visitors with the Best No Deposit Bonuses. That allow you to Keep What You Win, including many No Deposit Casino Bonuses for new players. If you’re new to the lucrative world of online casino bonuses you have the best chance of winning real money free bonus casino chips!