What is Venetian plaster and how is it characterized

Any owner in the process of performing finishing activities wants to find such a material that will be of high practicality, but at the same time will be well decorate the work surface. With the advent of Venetian plaster a real opportunity arose for obtaining such a result.

Venetian plaster application

The history of using this material is incredibly great. But it became especially popular since the XVI century. Thanks to such plaster in the houses of the nobility created an incredibly high-quality decoration of walls and ceilings. At that time, the cost of material was very high. But now not only wealthy people can afford to use Venetian plaster. After the advent of modern manufacturing techniques of this material, it has become widely available.

Manufacturing and quality of Venetian plaster

The first manufacturing techniques of the Venetian plaster assumed use of marble or limy flour, and also special dyes. At the moment, many other components can be added to the Venetian plaster. The use of granite and malachite chips has become widespread, and acrylic is used as a binder. As a result, it is possible to obtain a viscous material characterized by high wear resistance.

The color scale of the Venetian plaster is very various. It may contain various effects, due to which the finish becomes similar to cotton, leather, marble and other materials. There is an option that simulates cracks on the surface, watercolor scour and the like. Thus, the owners have a chance to make their home particularly spectacular.

Advantages and disadvantages of Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is valued for its ecological purity. The material has an interesting relief, which is also pleasant to the touch. Finishing of this material is characterized by durability, has the ability to withstand mechanical loads. Such a plaster is distinguished from the entire set of finishing coatings with universality, since it can be applied on surfaces of any kind.

Of the negative characteristics of Venetian plaster should highlight the complexity of applying to the surface, as well as a significant cost. The procedure for applying the material must be carried out by professionals. And then the result will be beautiful. https://australiacasinoonline.com/best-australian-online-casinos-paypal/