Garin Mahal is a Nonprofit organization that assists lone soldiers with their enlistment into the IDF. To date, Garin Mahal has assisted over 750 volunteers from America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Spain and South Africa. Garin Mahal (formerly Aish Machal) was established in 2009 in cooperation with Israel's Ministry of Defense.

Garin Mahal runs an intense 6 Week extreme Pre - Army Educational Program uniquely designed for lone soldiers from the diaspora. The first program was launched in May 2010.  

In September 2016 Garin Mahal established a "Beit Mahal" centrally located in the heart of Jerusalem which provides free housing and draft assistance for any oleh or volunteer lone soldier coming to serve in the IDF. 

Once discharged, approximately 25% of the lone soldiers make Aliya. Those volunteers that do not make Aliya return to their homes overseas, where they serve a vital role as ambassadors to Israel both on campus and within their own communities.