6 Week Pre Military Program



The 6 week Garin Mahal Pre-Army Program


The Garin Mahal Pre-Army Program is the PREMIER PRE-ARMY PREPARATORY PROGRAM FOR LONE SOLDIERS drafting to the IDF. Upon completion you will enter the IDF with complete confidence and motivation to succeed! 


In May 2010 Garin Mahal established the first ever pre - army program for lone soldiers. As a result of the success, in 2015 The Ministry of Defence decided to adopt the concept and made it mandatory for all Mahal volunteers to attend a pre army program before their enlistment .


Since it's inception Garin Mahal has prepared mentally and physically over 900 lone soldiers from all over the world for the IDF.  The Garin Mahal Program is specifically designed to equip lone soldiers with all of the tools necessary to have a meaningful service and excel in the IDF.  All of the training is conducted in Hebrew which enables the pre draftees to improve their Hebrew comprehension at a rapid pace.  GM provides a solid supportive network to the lone soldiers which assists them before, during and after the army. At the end of the program participants are given the opportunity (if desired) to volunteer for an 18 month service in the IDF as Mahal Volunteers or Olim Hadashim.


The Garin Mahal Program is an official pre - army program sponsored by the Ministry of Defense of Israel and Onward Israel. Mahal volunteers fulfill their requirement of attending a pre - army program upon completion of Garin Mahal.


We Will:

- Teach you the ABC's of drafting and being a lone soldier in the IDF.

- Provide you with full room, board and guidance from the moment you land in Israel. 

- Take care of all the bureaucracy involved in drafting and insure that you enlist to the IDF without any delays or issues.

- Expose you to all of the units in the IDF enabling you to make an educated decision on where to serve.

- Enhance your Hebrew efficiency including total comprehension of all military commands.

- Prepare you physically and mentally for the IDF. 

- Prepare you for all of the Gibushim (tryouts) in the IDF. 

- Provide you with an amazing lone soldier support network which will assist you before your enlistment, during your service and after your release. 

- Equip you with the tools to be an ambassador for Israel on the public relations front.


The program Features:

- Intensive ulpan (Hebrew lessons) based on the dynamic immersion system.

- Kosher kravi (combat fitness) run by special forces commanders.

Full contact krav maga (hand to hand combat) training run by counter terrorism experts.

Gibush (tryout) training including simulation gibushim for tzanhanim (paratroopers) and yom sayerot (the elite unit scouting combine) conducted by actual current

  IDF gibush testers. 

Live fire arms and anti terror training at the leading counter terror and security training academy in Israel - Caliber 3.

- Navigational training instructed by formal navigational department heads of elite units in the IDF.

- Survival week led by officers from the IDF's most elite units.

- Trips to IDF bases throughout Israel and interaction with soldiers from all of the units in the IDF.

- Elite Israeli advocacy training which will give you the knowledge to defend Israel's right to exist.

- Lectures from Israel's most prominent educators, and more!






Military style lodging located in the heart of Jerusalem ( 1 minute from Ben Yehuda St.)

All food served on the program is kosher.



There are no activities on Shabat from Friday morning until Sunday morning. You are free to do whatever you want. The dorms are open and meals are available if you desire.



This program is open to young adult men from around the world ages 18 -25 who are interested in joining the IDF or would like to get a taste of the IDF before making their decision to serve. 

There is no Hebrew or fitness level required. We will build you from any level. 



June 22 - August 2, 2020




*Participants are responsible for arranging their own flights and medical insurance.


For more information contact Baruch Tretiak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.